Friendly Valet: Ford Pickup & Delivery Services From Friendly Ford of Hamilton in Hamilton

Ford owners have always loved their cars and the reliability they’ve provided over the years. Yet with all things considered, vehicles need to be maintained, otherwise they won’t have optimal performance. As a result, getting to a local service center is an important part of keeping your car functioning and performing up to expectations.

However, we all have busy lives that can prevent us from reaching our local service centers. Luckily, Friendly Ford of Hamilton has Pickup and Delivery Services that can help get your vehicle to and from the service center without interrupting your life. Friendly Ford of Hamilton is a proud partner of this service and will explore below how it works and answer all your questions.

How Does The Ford Delivery Service Work?

Contact our Friendly Ford of Hamilton Service team to make an appointment. We can pick up at your home or your place of work. Please contact us for distance restrictions.

Depending on what your car needs, you can discuss timing and other considerations when booking the appointment. This service also covers any repairs and tune-ups your vehicle may need, provided the car is driveable and hasn’t been involved in an accident or roadside collision recently.

Whether it’s an oil change, tire maintenance, or some other vehicle issue, everything is covered when you schedule an appointment.

Does The Ford Pickup & Delivery Service Cost Me Anything?

Some customers might be asking, “What about the cost for this Ford service?” The Ford Pickup and Delivery service is at no additional cost. You only pay the for the maintenance or repairs performed.

Who Can Use The Ford Pickup & Delivery Service?

This service is also available for all members of the FordPass® Rewards members, regardless of your membership tier. However, your membership tier does apply when it comes to the number of times per year you are allowed to use their service.

Does The Ford Pickup & Delivery Service Work With Roadside Assistance?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. At the present time, you cannot use this service in conjunction with Roadside Assistance.

Try The Ford Delivery Service With Friendly Ford of Hamilton When You Need It!

If your Ford vehicle is in need of maintenance or other service, contact us today and schedule an appointment. We’ll take the hassle out of getting your car serviced, while dealing with a busy week. Schedule today and we’ll come get your vehicle very soon!

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