2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe

2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe

Are you ready to blaze a new trail? To go off-road and explore places yet unseen? Then you’re going to need an SUV prepared for the wilderness. Two giants in the market are rolling across the hills: the 2021 Ford Expedition and the Chevy Tahoe.

Our expert team at Friendly Ford of Hamilton has put together this quick comparison, highlighting some of the differences between the two SUVs. We want all our friends throughout the Hamilton, Madison, and Morrisville, New York, areas, to make an informed decision on the right SUV for them.

Ford Expedition Engine Specs

Ford Expedition Horsepower

2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe Engine Performance: Power for Every Need

2021 Ford Expedition vs. Chevy Tahoe Engine Performance Quick Facts





Maximum Towing Capacity

Ford Expedition

3.5L V6 EcoBoost® Engine


470 lb-ft

9,300 pounds

3.5L V6 Platinum Series Engine


480 lb-ft

9,300 pounds

Chevy Tahoe

5.3L V8 Engine


383 lb-ft

8,400 pounds

6.2L V8 Engine


460 lb-ft

8,300 pounds

DuraMax® 3L Turbo Diesel

I-6 Engine


460 lb-ft

8,200 pounds

As you can see, though the Chevy Tahoe’s 6.2L V8 engine can outperform the Ford Expedition in terms of horsepower, none of the Tahoe’s engines can match the Expedition’s powertrains in terms of torque. This means that the Expedition may be better suited for towing than the Tahoe.

As such, the Expedition really shines in terms of towing capacity. When properly equipped, the 2021 Ford Expedition can pull up to 9,300 pounds, almost a full 1,000 pounds more than the maximum available towing capacity of the Chevy Tahoe.

With this kind of power, you’ll be able to bring along a 25-foot-plus camper with the Expedition, but you may have to leave the camper at home with the Tahoe.

Ford Expedition Off-Roading

2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe Off-Roading: Presence On and Off the Road

When you’re ready to hit the trails at Hunter Mountain Resort with your new SUV, you’re going to need some serious traction. The Chevy Tahoe has four options in its selectable drive modes, but the Expedition has a full Terrain Management System™. The following tailored traction systems come standard on both the rear-wheel and 4-wheel drives:

  • Normal
  • Sport
  • Eco
  • Tow/Haul

The rear-wheel drive of the Expedition adds Snow/Wet mode, and the 4-wheel drive offers the additional Grass/Gravel/Snow, Sand, and Mud/Ruts modes. This full set of adjustable terrain settings allow for a customizable driving experience no matter where you go. Without this tailored system on the Tahoe, you’ll need to expend more focus driving.

Ford Expedition Interior Technology

2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe: Entertainment Between Trailheads

It’s more than just the power on and off the road—it’s the entertainment necessary to keep you awake and alert between the trails. Lucky for those long rides, both the 2021 Ford Expedition and the Chevy Tahoe comes available with wireless charging and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, for a true “set it and forget it” entertainment system.

If you want to post your best vacation pics from your campsite in the middle of nowhere, both vehicles offer 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot capability. The Chevy Tahoe allows for a maximum of seven connected devices, enough for everyone to stream videos on their phones. However, the Expedition offers up to 10 connected devices—that’s one for every phone in the SUV, and even a laptop or tablet for work.

2021 Ford Expedition vs Chevy Tahoe: The Decision is Yours

Whether you enjoy week-long trips into the wilderness or just a casual jaunt for some afternoon mudbogging, you’ll need an SUV that can keep up. Of course, both the 2021 Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Expedition would be perfectly serviceable, but the Expedition’s towing power and terrain management offer a distinctive edge over the competition.

If you find yourself around the Hamilton, Madison, and Morrisville, NY, areas, stop in and visit us at Friendly Ford of Hamilton. Our team will set you up with a test drive to experience the Expedition for yourself. Contact us today!

Don’t just go on a trip—mount an Expedition.

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